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Steve Shimek

Chief Executive


exec (at) otterproject (dot) org

Steve has a BS in Biology from UC Santa Cruz (1975) and has a sea otter research background. He has published technical papers on sea otter behavior including:

  • Shimek, S.J. and A. Monk. 1977. The daily activity of the sea otter off the Monterey Peninsula. Journal of Wildlife Management 41(2): 117-123.
  • Shimek, S.J. 1977. The underwater foraging habits of the sea otter Enhydra lutris. California Fish and Game Bulletin 63(2): 38-39.

After leaving research, Shimek spent several years as publicity coordinator for the State of Montana (Department of Commerce). He was the key media contact for the three-state region (Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming) during the Yellowstone Fires of 1988.

Steve has worked with non-profit and conservation groups, serving as President of the Montana Cross Country Ski Areas Association, founder for the Citizens for Wise Land Use Practices (in Montana), a founding delegate to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, and marketing coordinator for The Conservation Alliance.

Shimek has an extensive freelance writing background with feature articles published in Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Northwest Airlines WorldTraveler, Ski, Skiing, Parenting, Travel-Holiday, Women’s Sports+Fitness, and others.




Heather Cauldwell

Program Associate

Heather (at) otterproject (dot) org

Heather Cauldwell has been the Program Associate at The Otter Project since mid 2008. She handles all daily memberships and donations, data entry, reporting, and a variety of other tasks.  She has a degree in Parks and Recreation Management, a background in hotel management and event planning, and a passion for nature and all of her wildlife.

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